Discontinued Items

We sometimes offer discontinued items such as tealight burners or scented wax-melts that we will no longer stock, these are then sold until all stock is depleted.

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Soy wax melts

Wax Snap Bars

Wax Snap Bar – Our wax snap bars are approx. 30g of 100% Soy wax. Discontinued scents including Summer and Festive scents.


Soy wax melts

Wax Melt Bags

Wax Bag – 10 pieces of your chosen scent in each bag. Discontinued scents including Summer.


A beautiful little Soy Wax candle. Approximately 24 hour burn time.

Festive Scented Candle

A lovely scented candle with approximately a 24 hour burn time. Available in Cinnamon Bark & White Ginger, A Merry Morning & Salted Bourbon Buttercream.