Ceramic White House Burner

A sweet little house design tea light burner with a lift of lid. Simply lift the lid, place your wax in the dish, replace the lid and light your tea light. A beautiful gift to give or perfect to fit in your home.

A lovely Gloss White Tealight Burner in a house design.


Safety Information

Fire Hazard

Tealight burners can create a fire hazard as can any naked flame. We would recommend that tea lights and electrical products are not left unattended. Only use on a heat resistant surface. If unsure, use a protective plate, tray or similar product.


With our Electric burners the risk of electrical shock exists if any other foreign object is inserted into any part of this burner or it is improperly used.


Dispose of burners/containers in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.

Electrical information

All our electric burners are fitted with a standard 3-pin UK plug.