Soy Wax Tealights

15 Deep tealights, approximately 7 hours burn each.

15 tealights, approximately 7 hours burn each

We offer a box of 15 long-burn, deep hand poured 100% soy wax tealights, these have approximately 7 hours of clean burn time each, offering great value.


Safety Information

Fire Hazard

Tealights can create a fire hazard as can any naked flame. We would recommend that tea lights are not left unattended and are used for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

Only use on a heat resistant surface. If unsure, use a protective plate, tray or similar product.

It is best not to move a tealight when it is alight. Please ensure you trim your wicks if they become long, 5mm is necessary.

Soy wax is not for consumption, by humans or animals.


Dispose of tealights in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.